The 1800 Hour Advanced Cosmetology Course expected graduation date from start date to completion is 16.5 months.

1800 Hour Advanced Cosmetology Course

The 1800 Hour Advanced Cosmetology Course prepares all students for the Ohio State Board Examination to become a licensed managing cosmetologist. The course study includes cutting and styling, manicuring, makeup, facials, hair coloring, permanent waving, scalp and hair treatments, waxing, and other important phases of Cosmetology. This course is also designed to teach students all phases of being a manager of a salon such as hiring, payroll, taxes, management, and more.

Course Format

  1. The class starting 0-450 hours is in theory and practical, which takes students completely through the textbook.
  2. Classes continue through 451-1800 hours, at various levels as students advance in their training, students are now integrated onto the clinic floor, as well as review classes.

Instructors Text

  1. Milady Text
  2. Salon Management for Cosmetology Students

Course Descriptions and Grading

For an overview of course descriptions and grading system, please view our online catalog.

Gainful Employment

1800 Hour Gainful Employment Disclosure