Grading Policy

The Ohio State Beauty Academy grading policy and academic progress evaluation.

Grade Requirements

The following factors will be measured in determining satisfactory academic progress:

Non-clinic work (test grades, workbooks, etc.)

Clinic work (grades from clinic worksheets, task sheets, and senior projects)

Non-clinic Work Grading Scale

  • 94% to 100% = Excellent
  • 86% to 93% = Good
  • 80% to 85% = Average
  • 75% to 79% = Satisfactory
  • 74% and below = Unsatisfactory/Failing

Students must maintain a minimum of a 75% average in order to be considered making satisfactory academic progress. Students are permitted to retake any failed exam.

Course Catalog

For a complete overview of the OSBA grading policy, please view our online catalog.